About Us

LOT 1531 Cosmetics was created by a mother-daughter duo who were inspired by their love for cosmetics. "Something as simple as a lip gloss boosted my confidence even if I don't wear a full face of makeup" (Chrisie G). Our founder Chrisie began her journey from a young age fighting skin sensitivity and other skin conditions. She was always carrying a lip balm due to the harsh weather that tend to leave her lips chapped and her skin extremely dry. LOT1531 Cosmetics products were created with you in mind and from the experiences of our founders.

There's a growing need for cosmetics that are not only inclusive but are also environmentally friendly and LOT1531 Cosmetics does this and more.We are dedicated in providing and creating cruelty-free, organic, and vegan products for all skin types, skin shades, genders, and beyond. 

We at LOT 1531 Cosmetics believe in loving your skin and that beauty is for everyone.