Body Butter vs. Body Lotion: What's the Big Deal?

Body Butter vs. Body Lotion: What's the Big Deal?

Body butters and body lotions are both great products to maintain moisture in your skin. But what makes them so different, and does it really matter which one to use?

Body Butter vs. Lotion

Body butters have more fats that are used as raw materials to moisturize skin. Some types of fats manufacturers use are:

  • shea butter
  • cocoa
  • palm
  • olive
  • jojoba

Body butters are also great for sensitive skin and dry skin conditions like eczema. Additionally, body butters are more likely to have plant fats and tend to be natural and less processed. 

Lotions have higher water content and lighter than body butters and are for regular use. They absorb faster into skin and easier to spread than most body butters. 

Lotions can also be used on the face and have some amounts of SPF, or they can be used all over the body. Also, lotions can be great for oily and combination skin because they won’t clog the pores that much. They can be great for the areas that have more hairs. 

What makes ours the best?

Depending on your skin condition, you can use body butters as much as you like. I find that lotions do not work for me because I have very dry skin and would have to constantly reapply throughout the day which can be inconvenient. The moisture I get from a body butter tend to last longer. Our LOT1531 Cosmetics Whipped Body Butter provides intense hydration that lasts for hours which is what I need. It's packed with shea, mango, and cocoa butters that nourishes, soothes and protects your skin.

You can use our body butter for rough areas like elbows and knees and for areas that get dry easily such as your hands and feet. You can also use it all over the body to give your skin that moisture it needs. Our whipped body butter also has neem seed oil, aloe vera, vitamin E, orange peel oil, rosemary oil, and lavender oil. These skin nourishing oils and butters fights against dry, itchy skin. The whipped formula enables it to absorb faster into skin and have a non-greasy effect. 

We have 4 different body butter scents: shea butter rosevanilla, and mango


If you have certain skin conditions, before trying out a new product, speak with your dermatologist. 



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